In Conversation with Shiv Aggarwal – CEO MyEarth.Id, Ambassador Hedera Hashgraph

About Shiv:

Shiv is the CEO of MyEarth.Id, solving the problem of Identity Management using Blockchain technology.

Shiv is a technology entrepreneur, with a focus on products and services in niche areas. Shiv has been actively working in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry, and has in-depth knowledge of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies, specializing in Mining, ICOs, and bespoke Blockchain solutions.

Shiv has more than 14 years of technology industry experience, having worked with global brands like Bank of America, Cathay Pacific, The Hartford, Lloyds of London and Unilever. Shiv has been providing technical expertise and thought leadership to his clients and stakeholders, and has been instrumental in the success of many innovative and strategic projects. Shiv has global corporate exposure, having worked across US, UK, and India.

About MyEarth.Id: is working towards simplifying the process of validation of Human Identity, through the use of a Universal Identity Mechanism, and reducing Identity Thefts and Frauds, through the power of Cryptography Technology. Our vision is to onboard every human being on the platform, to provide access to various offline and online services, in a secure and seamless way.



Hedera’s Dapp Ecosystem meet 22nd Jan 2019 in London