Sonic is an entrepreneur and investor. He is responsible for investing in multiple companies and helping the growth of blockchain startups. He aims to make the cryptos accessible to the masses. He can understand three languages Chinese, Japanese and English.

To know this investor more let us talk about 15 things you probably did not know about Sonic Zhang.


Sonic graduated from University of Sydney with a Bachelor degree in Engineering in 2011 and a Master degree in Project Management in 2012.

He is fluent in Chinese, Japanese and English.

2.Start of career

Sonic started his career with Presence of IT which he joined in July 2012. He worked there for 4 months. He had the post of Change Management Consultant where he was responsible for Reviewing and developing Change Management plans, change management framework. He did stakeholder analysis, impact assessment.

After leaving the company he joined China TianChen Engineering Corporation where he worked for almost a year and half.

3.First company he founded

Yummy Australia Pty. Ltd was the first company he co-founded in June 2013. He worked at the company till July 2015 and then left the company to pursue higher goals. After this there was no looking back for him.


Sonic founded SoRelax in August 2015 and he was associated with the company for 2 years. It is a global platform for cross border marketing and services.

 5.ValueBank Group

The group was started in August 2017 and Sonic is the co-founder of ValueBank Group, a global network of fiat-crypto exchanges, with a crypto wallet and payment solutions. It is focused on strategic investments in emerging technology sectors. They expertise in the intersection between Fintech products, Blockchain projects and AI enabled applications.



In August 2017, Sonic co-founded 20Nations League of Blockchain (B20) and became its global director. It is an international NGO focusing on paving the way for crypto-currency and blockchain communities around the world.

7.ValueNet Capital

In September 2017, Sonic founded the ValueNet Capital which focused on investing in blockchain and crypto startups. The company started as an exchange but with the Chinese government new regulatory actions, the company shifted from the exchange business to a venture fund.

8.World’s first decentralized ICO

In March 2018 Sonic through his company Valuenet Capital entered a partnership with the Komodo platform to launch the world’s first Decentralized ICO.


9.Launched Ledger Z Fund

Sonic launched LedgerZ Fund on 4th July, 2018. He invested 25k ETH in Zeex through LedgerZ Fund.

The fund became the first to provide a crypto-based solution which addressed the day to day challenges of the ordinary person.

10.Tenzorum Project

Sonic joined Tenzorum Project’s core team. They try to take a unique approach to build the foundation of key management for the Decentralized world. They believe that in order to make Blockchain go mainstream they need to address the problem associated with key management issues for decentralized technologies. Their team along with Sonic is set to deliver ground breaking development in this field.

11.Investments made by Sonic

Sonic has invested in many startups as he believes in helping blockchain startups.

Some of the blockchain startups that have received investment from crypto funds associated with Sonic include Power Ledger, Celsius Network, WAX, OmiseGo,CoinPoker, PlayKey, RobotCache and Binance.

12.Lesson learnt

Sonic after being a long time in this industry has learned that if you ever issue a token, doesn’t matter if it’s ICO or STO, your reputation will be tied to it as long as you live. And if an investor turns his back on their token investors his reputations would be forever lost. And reputation means everything in this industry. If you still want to work in this industry for years to come. You have to be responsible to your token investors.

13.Some other companies he founded

  • He is the co-founder of Murint Capital, a VC Fund for tech and entertainment industries.
  • He is the founder of STO Alliance, China STO investment and evangelist.
  • He is the founder and CEO of Life menu Technology co ltd.


Sonic made it clear that he was not a CEO of Bankorous instead he was just an investor. He issues a statement on October 6, 2019. He had invested more than $1 million in the company and he got to know that the company had run out of cash from its co-founder, Gregory Van den Bergh, in July 2019. The company faced this problem as the second round investors pulled their funds.

15.What Sonic did after Bankorus news

  • He told the company how disappointed he was with their lack of communication before and after this full episode.
  • He wants Greg to stick with the company and that he would help him with the income problem.
  • He told the company that he was ready to accept the shares because he wanted to be sure that the investment he had made will have maximum returns.
  • He asked Greg for contact details of all the shareholders and investors, including the token investors.
  • He had a word with all the shareholders asking for their support in this Rato deal, and convinced them to be patient.