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About Sprxs:

Protect your ideas – Log and protect your ideas using the SPRXS Blockchain to ensure your ideas are registered and logged securely, either keeping them private or making them searchable to others.
Manage your ideas – Use our ideation dashboard and wallet to protect, plan, manage, resource, monetize and execute your ideas from a secure position.
Collaborate – Use SPRXS tokens to bring your idea to life, with no need for cash investment. 100 SPRXS tokens will be allocated to each idea, representing percentage equity. Exchange SPRXS token equity for skills and resources within the SPRXS global community.
Monetize – Connect with investors for options to exchange SPRXS tokens for cash.

Help bring ideas to life – Use your skills and resources to contribute to ideas and make a difference.
Become a part of the SPRXS digital innovation economy – Exchange your skills and resources for equity in ideas; with the opportunity to own a part of the innovative companies of the future.
Unlock value – Make the most of your unused/under-utilised resources by exchanging them for SPRXS token equity in ideas e.g. office space or computer processing power.

Find the right investment for you – Register on the SPRXS marketplace to access an extensive pool of searchable ideas logged on the SPRXS blockchain.
Connect – Make use of features like our milestone timeline view to get a clear picture of a project’s development since its inception.
Acquire – Purchase SPRXS tokens in the right idea to expand your portfolio and help fund the development of innovative projects.