Stephan Tual continues to be a major influencer in the crypto space. He is an internationally recognized expert in smart contracts and decentralized blockchain applications. He founded his first internet business back in June of 1996, when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy.

Stephan has three startups under his belt with 25 years of IT enterprise experience. Before discovering the Blockchain, he held CTO positions at leading data analytics companies in London with clients including VISA Europe and BNP.

Now let us have a look at 15 things you did not know about this mastermind in order to know him better.


Stephan was a graduate of Economics at Institute Franco-Américain de Management in 1995 and 1996. During his college, Stephan secured some funds and co-founded RT Productions his first internet company in June 1996. He left it in June 1998.

 2.Career graph

  • Stephan founded Terapad in August 2004
  • Stephan was Internet Services Manager at Highlander Soft. Ltd.
  • Stephan held the position of Co-director and CTO of Sitejourney.
  • Technical Director at 5one from 2008 to 2012.
  • He has also served as a Group Director of Technology at Beyond Analysis.
  • He was the Technical director and a board member at Climex.
  • He was the Managing Director at Ursium and CCO at Ethereum from 2013-2015.
  • He has three startups under his belt.


3.Early career

Stephan had machine learning for customer insight at subsidiaries of VISA and BNP Paribas background. His work involved sending coupons in mail to customers. He got into the world of bitcoin in 2010 and wanted to do something which was more meaningful, so in 2013 he started a cryptocurrency consultancy, ‘Ursium’ his own business.


Ursium was founded by Stephan in 2013, three years after the introduction of crypto. He knew that the excitement around cryptocurrencies was high during that time and people wanted answers to many questions.

They provided expert advice on alt-coins, stocks, derivatives, hardware mining, mining pools, tax strategy. It also operated a next generation Brain Trust focusing exclusively on the impact and development of cryptocurrencies. 

5.Joined Ethereum

Weeks after opening his consultancy, Stephan read the Whitepaper on Ethereum by Vitalik Buterin. He was impressed and wanted to work with them. He joined the Foundation in January 2014.

He became the CCO of Ethereum., the next generation blockchain. Ethereum raised $18.9 million in a crowdfunding event which became the world’s second largest crowdfunding event.

He resigned in September 2015.

6.New idea

After leaving the Foundation, Stephan bumped into a former colleague, Christoph Jentzsch who asked Stephan to join him in Berlin where he wanted to show Stephan some prototypes that he had.

Stephan saw Christoph run a transaction on the blockchain, which within seconds opened a connected door lock. Stephan was left amazed as he had this in mind for half a year, connecting the physical and the digital.


Stephan started on 9th September 2015. He is the COO. is a leading innovative German blockchain development company focused on connecting real-world devices to the blockchain. It enables any device of any size to access blockchain data securely, take payments autonomously and interact with humans, machines and anything in between. It explores how Ethereum light nodes embedded in connected cars, homes, shared white goods, etc. could revolutionise the emerging Sharing Economy infrastructure by enabling anyone to rent, sell or share their property without middleman.


8. 7 facts about the team

  • 14 nationalities are represented at their office
  • 5 kg of chocolate is consumed within a week
  • 2000 lines of codes are written everyday
  • There are no car commuters in the Berlin office
  • 46 employees and are growing
  • 14 languages are spoken
  • 5 million RPC is requests on nodes per day acquired by blockchain

On 3rd June 2019, blockchains a company dedicated to conceptualizing, building, and incubating blockchain-powered ideas, announced its acquisition of It marked the start of a strong partnership to bring the benefits of public blockchain to the masses.


Stephan was one of the creators of DOA and it was built by the company

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Its goal is to codify the rules and decision making apparatus of an organization, eliminating the need for documents and people in governing, creating a structure with decentralized control. It is a piece of software known as smart contract.

The DOA was launched on 30th April 2016 with a funding window of 28 days.

DOA was also hacked.

11.White hat counterattack

Four days after the DAO was attacked, more money disappeared to two accounts. But the Ethereum team’s chief designer Alex Van announced on Twitter that DAO was being securely drained. This scenario was labeled as a “white hat counterattack“—a counterattack done by good hackers.

A group of programmers, who called themselves Robin Hood Group, executed the second hack on the DAO. Alex Van de Sande’s tweet cleared that it was the leading members of the Ethereum who cleared out the rest of the DAO in order to protect from further damage.

 12.How DOA works

  • Smart contracts (programs) are written by a group of that run the organization.
  • There is an initial funding period, in which people add funds to the DAO by purchasing tokens that represent ownership; this is called a crowdsale, or an initial coin offering (ICO) – to give it the resources it needs.
  • The DOA begins to operate when the funding period is over.
  • Proposals are made to the DAO by people as to how to spend the money, and the members who have bought in can vote to approve these proposals.

13.Crowdfunding history

The two associations Stephan has been associated with have created history in crowdfunding.

DOA crowdfunding became the largest crowdfunding in history by the end of its funding period after raising more than $150million.

Stephan was the former CCO of Ethereum, the next generation blockchain that raised $18.9 million as part of the world’s second largest crowdfunding event, now valued over USD 90 million.

14.Atlas Neue

Atlas Neue was started in December 2017 by Stephan.  Atlas Neue focuses on funding new startups in the blockchain space.  It is a revolutionary take on development and financial services company which creates and supports exciting ventures in the blockchain space.

 15.Public figure

Stephan has been a regular on speaking at conferences and community events. Some of the events he has spoken at:

  • Blockchain Expo North America 2018
  • Crypto Investor Show London
  • Blockchain Expo Europe 2017
  • Internet of Things Conference 2017
  • Lift Conference 2016
  • ICT Spring Europe 2015

Stephan has also written some article such as: What are Blockchain “Dapps”- the truth behind the buzzword, Part 1, 2 and 3 and Blockchain beyond bullshit