Life of a Blockchain bull is nothing short of racing heartbeat, losing count of time and managing on leftovers in refrigerators!

Such a tightly packed schedule barely leaves any time to cook or even consider replenishing the grocery.

But for how long can you survive on outside meals or frozen food? Having no one to look after your culinary demands or even your basic health needs can make it difficult to survive, but you still have a way out.

You cannot do without food, and that is the gospel truth. So, compromising with your diet (which ultimately ruins everything) isn’t very wise. When you live away from your doting family, you don’t just give up on companionship, but also sacrifice the scrumptious aroma that you are welcomed with every time you enter your home.

But here we are, handling it single-handedly, so why not find a way out with our food?

Here are a few simple ways of making it easy for you to manage it all on your own.

1.    Planning in advance

Mondays are blue for everyone, but a refrigerator loaded with food can make the week seem easy. Your weekend should include a few hours of planning for the food options for the upcoming week. Suiting everyone’s taste buds, a list of all the stuff that you like to eat, including your binge items, should be written down or stored in your laptop. This makes it easy for you to procure grocery, plan meals for the entire week, and keep your stomach happy. Once this is sorted and your kitchen is all stacked up, at least one thing has been taken care of. The rest of the challenges can be taken up without worrying about food.

2.    Making a list of recipes and food items good for you

Cooking for your own-self is a therapy. It relieves of unwanted stress, and also brings your favorite dishes on the table, in the healthiest possible form. You should have the recipes hung somewhere in the kitchen, or even better, your own booklet for the cordon bleu chef in you!

Here are a few recipes that might be useful:

a) Guacamole: Avocados seem to be everyone’s favorite these days. Guacamole is a fat-free dip or spread that takes good care of your breakfast. You just need to get the perfectly ripe avocados. After cutting them into two halves, they need to be scooped, leaving the seed aside. It needs to be made into a smooth paste using a fork. Finely chopped onion and tomatoes are to be added, with a dash of lemon and salt and pepper to taste. And it’s ready. Yes, as simple as this! It can be used as a dip with your lavash or crisps, or as a spread on your toast.

b) Pesto: Pesto is one of the best additions to your pizza, pasta, sandwich or marinate. Take a bowl full of basil leaves. Wash them thoroughly. Add a few cloves of garlic, 2-3 spoons of olive oil, nuts of your choice (walnut/almond/pine nuts), salt and pepper to taste. Mix them in a blender. And your sauce is ready.

c) Oatmeal wrap: Another quick and healthy fix for a quick meal is an oatmeal wrap. You can prepare your oatmeal wrap well in advance and later fill it with a filling of your choice whenever it’s your meal time. Boiled eggs, shredded chicken tossed in your favorite sauce with onions and bell peppers and some parsley or thyme tastes amazing.

d) Herbed rice: Rice can always be cooked well in advance and kept for later use. You can add your favorite vegetables, cottage cheese, ham or any of your preferred additions and saute it all together for a toothsome meal.

e) Omelet: Eggs never disappoint us. Boiled eggs provide us with necessary nutrients and are quite hassle-free.(you can invest in an egg boiler). Another way to satiate your hunger is to make an omelet for yourself. Take 2 eggs. Break them in a bowl. Add chopped onions, tomatoes green chilies, parsley and salt, and pepper to it. Whisk it all together. Then take a pan. Add a little oil to it. Pour the prepared mixture and spread it gently on it. Take two slices of bread and place on it. Now gently toss it to the other side (this might be a little challenging, but who really bothers even if you are not very successful… the taste stays the same!). Once you feel that it’s properly cooked from both the sides, you can have it with some ketchup or mustard sauce. A glass of your favorite frappe is a great combination!

3.    Fixing eating hours

Eating at the right time will keep your health intact. You must be feeling hungry at odd hours but remember that you don’t have to gorge on a wholesome meal or junk every time. Regulating your mealtime and eating a complete meal helps you avoid munching at wrong hours. Always have a healthy and filling breakfast which is rich in proteins to give you the energy to kick-start your day with fervor. And dinner time should be latest by seven so that you have time to digest it and have a comfortable sleep. Do not starve your body for long as it does more harm than good.

4.    Keeping healthy snacks handy

Some healthy snacks should always be ready in your kitchen so that you do not have to worry about feeding yourself at odd hours. You can make hummus (a Lebanese dip made of chickpeas) and have it with pita bread. Fox nuts are also a great way of satisfying your hunger pangs. Just put some in a bowl and microwave them for about 30 seconds. They will come out crisp and you can add salt and your favorite seasoning. Popcorns serve the same purpose. Milk and muesli with some nuts and fruits with milk is another healthy option.

5.    The essential kitchen equipment:

             These are must-haves in your kitchen to survive alone without starving:

a) A hob (a one stop equipment for all your recipes and meals)

b) A microwave oven (a lot of people dread the oven temperature. But it is not rocket science. Any recipe you get hold of has clear instructions about the temperature required. The most fool proof way is to simply heat your oven to 350-degree F and place the rack in the centre of the oven. Set the timer according to the level of cooking required. And don’t forget to keep an eye!)

c) A mixer grinder (for all your shakes, smoothies and dips)

d) An electric kettle (for that brewing coffee and the much-needed tea)

e) A sandwich maker

These are the bare minimum that you require to feed yourself. When a kitchen has all that you need, be it your grocery or the appliances, cooking can be fun and a therapy too!