About Swissborg:

The SwissBorg Project aims to revolutionize asset management solutions with a community-centric approach powered by Ethereum. Members will be able to optimize their cryptocurrency holdings with the help of our Cyborg advisors and deep learning algorithms.

 Why Building a crypto wealth management platform?

As we write these lines, the combined market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has overpassed 60B$ confirming that user adoption has substantially taken off. Despite this strong momentum, cryptos are still generating confusion and there is a very strong need for benchmarks to monitor and track their behaviors.

Empowering customers with a ubiquitous record of his investment identity (custom investor profile), customization, transparency, new analytical and machine learning tools to create a winning strategy.
After All, wherever there is wealth, there is a need for a trusted backbone to manage it.

– Using smart contracts and blockchain technologies

– Managing cryptocurrencies as well as other asset classes from our unique eco-system

– Providing latest payment solutions with iOT and best rates exchanges.

– Built around a Community-centric system based on trust and meritocracy
Website : https://swissborg.com