Governance of Blockchain platforms


Governance of blockchains and of blockchain networks is among the most fascinating and complex topics in the space. How projects design governance is vital to shape the success of blockchain based platforms and their capability to reshape industries.
We will be discussing the topic with experts actively operating, advising and building blockchain platforms.


A very diverse panel of speakers will offer their perspective :

Anton Hristoff – KPMG

Professional experience encompasses more than 19 years of technical, including engineering and business/management consulting in various business and digital transformation initiatives within global organisations operating across Asia, Europe, and USA. Extensive knowledge in various industries by covering different roles in management and strategy, process design and engineering, tech solutions and IT.
Co-founder and SME for the UK Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Strategy, part of KPMG Global Blockchain Services. Working alongside business leads within different domains and teams across multiple sectors and industries, leading and developing the overall tech point of view for KPMG to drive forward a clear approach to the DLT revolution.


John is the Director of Innovation & Delivery within Blockchain Digital, a company that he founded in 2017 as a research project to explore how distributed ledger technology might help transform the public sector. John was
the first to focus on bringing Corda to the UK Public Sector, creating and leading the winning bid for the prestigious UK Land Registry (HMLR) “Digital Street” R&D project.


Ben advises on technology governance, especially for blockchains, AI and cyber security. This draws on experience of tackling governance challenges across a range of technologies and sectors, including national security, energy, digital and international affairs. This is based on over 10 years in technology policy at the Royal Society (UK’s national academy of science) where Ben led multidisciplinary teams to advise the UK government on evidence based approaches to technological; national research and innovation policies; and international science policy and global governance. Ben has 5 years’ prior public policy experience in think tanks, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations.


Founder and CEO of aGenius A new vision for litigation with supportive technological and people management process solutions.
LawTech consultant developing new services and business solutions for lawyers, seeking to support new and break-out legal start-ups. Oxford University Said Business School Blockchain Strategy Programme.

Anton worked at BMO Financial Group. In 2015 founded Finlyt. In 2016 Finlyt made a successful exit. In 2017 Anton has become CTO of Humaniq. Humaniq has been selected as a top pick in blockchain in 2018 by TechCrunch. It has also been selected as a top use case by UK Parliament in APPG. Anton and his team have launched the first hybrid blockchain in production.

TiiQu is founded on the principle that originated blockchains: the concept of trustlessness. The term – in the blockchain space- defines a place where trust between parties is not needed because the system in itself guarantees the desired outcome. To facilitate understanding of blockchain and foster future adoption of blockchain based platforms,TiiQu is the proud organiser of #TrustlessEcosystems meetups.

Founder and CEO of TiiQu