Securing the Blockchain with Multi Party Computation By Guy Peer : Co-Founder Unbound Tech

About Unbound:
Unbound applies revolutionary breakthroughs in mathematics to allow secrets to be used without ever being exposed, thus ensuring digital assets are safe – anytime, anywhere.

Unbound Trust for the Digital Age
Digital business requires a new kind of trust paradigm. As physical and virtual worlds intersect, we see the need to address a growing number of security, privacy and compliance challenges that are restricting innovation. Infrastructure must be freed from physical constraints, so it can align, rather than conflict with our digital reality. Unbound is reinventing the future of security and privacy, enabling business to deliver with unprecedented speed and scale a new world of digital products and services which were previously beyond reach.

Math Over Matter
At the heart of Unbound, formerly known as Dyadic, lie sophisticated applications of Multi-Party Computation (MPC), developed by Unbound’s co-founders, Professor Yehuda Lindell and Professor Nigel Smart, world-renowned cryptographers. MPC offers a mathematical guarantee of security that fortifies Unbound’s disruptive technology. For the first time, trust-contingent operations are enabled anywhere, reaching far beyond the boundaries of physical infrastructure.

Fortune 500 Companies Leading the Digital Era
Some of the world’s most successful Fortune 500 enterprises with the highest security and privacy requirements turn to Unbound for its breakthough solutions. With Unbound, organizations are unrestricted to readily expand and evolve in today’s digital ecosystem.

Developing Novel MPC Applications, for Privacy and Beyond
Innovation is increasingly dependent on analyzing masses of data. This often comes at the expense of privacy. Unbound is developing practical applications of MPC to safeguard privacy, opening the doors for organizations to perform analytics on shared data sources without jeopardizing the privacy of each contributor.
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