Ivan, tell us little bit about yourself and your involvement in the blockchain?

I’m a Developer from minsk, I have a small team of 10 people and we are developing few products that are all related in the blockchain and now we are developing games on the blockchain. Im in the blockchain for five years, and past five years I was trying to understand what and how the blockchain can change our life because five years ago I was impressed and understood that it’s a kind of future but you know it’s a lot of forking around because the philosophy was seen ugly for the blockchain because everyone start to talk about the Bitcoin the money and people you know the ICO it was really bad days for crypt actually for the blockchain because ICO boom attracted a lot of attention but people forgot about the blockchain and now this year is really cool so we spoke with waves they developing a really cool stuff and we trying to create some products on their blockchain.

Do you remember when you first got fascinated by technology was there a moment when you were a child or when you suddenly thought I like technology?

Technology, well I’m a fan of technology from the school so when I was young I was you know like spaceships the mathematics and physics so it’s my life all about the technology we’re building so I spent five or six years for web building and I was working in few companies who create big websites and people talking about the web 3.0 but it’s really clickbait actually but because nobody know what’s worth 3.0 but when the Facebook revealed when the Instagram revealed and the web 2.0 just came here I was like oh come on this is the next generation of Internet and it’s really cool and now I’m just trying to get in the point when the next generation will come out.

When you were a child what did you want to do?

I don’t know because it’s the future so I cannot predict the future I just try to understand what’s going on right now because somebody talked about the crypto somebody talked about the different block chains and you know it’s like a roulette so you just put a chip on red and waiting for your time

So you think the element of risk attracts certain people to the blockchain industry?

The whole blockchain industry at this moment is consist of risking people because you know it’s really like a flip coin is roulette because some coins going up some coins going down Bitcoin goes up and down somebody sometimes it’s connected and related with some news sometimes not nobody can understand why things happen like they happen and yes it’s a risk and people just play with the Crypto it’s not the technical analysis right so it’s just a playing so yes people like to risk

I understand you’re a big gamer can you tell us a little bit about what your favourite games have been ?

My favorite games are not related to blockchain because blockchain is not ready as I said before for the big games but from the last ones its redemption right and I played a lot in Delta and I played a lot in StarCraft Warcraft and what Warcraft so my first game was doom – so this is games where I started from, in my gaming way and you know I got some problems in my life relating to gaming actually because when I have to work or spend time with my ex-wife I just played games that’s it I like games.

How do you think blockchain will change the gaming industry in short?

Well I’m trying to make some stuff to change the gaming but to be honest we have to answer the main question what special mechanics blockchain brings to the gaming so we have a lot of blockchain they have a smart contracts but what special do they bring to us right so the first point that we find out its transparency and we find the games that need to be transparent right and that’s it, at this moment that’s it, so people can check their roles they can check the randoms and at this moment we didn’t find any other special mechanics for the blockchain so gaming is very good on blockchain and other stuff is not so good is my opinion.

In the background we can see the beautiful London night skyline so I understand it’s your first time in London, what has been your thoughts been so far?

It’s gorgeous absolutely because I heard about London lot of times you know and I think you know that London and Moscow are not in goods relationships because of politics but if you go out from politics right and just walk around to see the buildings see the infrastructures,  see the people, talk with the people because people are normal so a lot of Russian people are normal a good people in London good people in the United States good people in China good people but the politics is messed up and when you read the news you start to be nervous. now I’m here and I see that this is awesome town awesome people awesome food everything is awesome and expensive.

That’s great to hear and we are glad we leave such a positive impression you say quite right that all over the world people are maybe given certain impression by politics,you think that blockchain is in some ways a kind of a leveller that will allow people to kind of connect more without relying so much on authority?

I very much hope so so I don’t know how it will be but I hope so, so people should trust not fake news people should trust each other or not trust each other but see what other people are doing actually not write in the facebook but what they are doing actually and the blockchain is a good way to provide the truth.

If there was no such thing as blockchain what do you think you would be doing with your life at the moment?

You know in Russia we say it’s a bad question what you would do if something would not exist because it’s like parallel eternity now so I don’t know I’m here I know what I’m doing I know what and why I am doing but I cannot imagine the world without the blockchain at this moment so it is here it’s like internet came somebody trying to own that I just said the usual mail come on forget about the internet but everyone use the Internet right so the web point two point two point three this the major number we will rise up we will evolve and we cannot imagine the world with all the progress and the blockchain maybe it’s the profit of the progress too.

You seem like someone who is very focused in living in the present and so appreciating the present moment?

Yeah so because the history shows us our mistakes now we can analyze some mistakes but we cannot see the future anyway so we can analyze this day this moment and try to configure our life to stay on the ground.

Just a few fun questions, what’s your favourite movie?

Deadpool, It is really funny the last ones for sure

What’s your favorite place in the world?

London absolutely

Is anything you would change about the blockchain industry?

Yeah sure I would to erase from the history last year, the bull markets, the scams ICOs, they really damage the blockchain technology pretty much.

what would you miss most in your life if it’s dispperared?

Now what will I miss, you know the global problem is the People. so I feel lack of people who can believe in the future, believe in these days and believe that you’re gonna change something so this what I will miss.

Would you describe yourself as a dreamer?

Probably yes because I have a team right so they trust in the future but they have lot of work and I have lot of work and today as I said previously I’m trying to just understand how the world will change, I don’t know it’s a conflict but I try to choose the way where I want to bet on that’s it and yes that’s why I think I’d driven because I dream about this these days and I try to analyze my reality but anyway I’m playing.

Which car do you drive if you drive a car?

Some muscle car, yeah love it.

What you like about them?

They look very beastful, so they are like beast on the road.

One last question so satoshi nakamoto, who do you think he or she or is it one person / group of people how do you imagine them looking like ?

Nobody knows really nobody so maybe it’s one person maybe CIA maybe its FSB from Russia nobody knows but I think they made a cool thing. thank you Satoshi thank you guys who voiced satoshi, I don’t care really because they brought us a technology thanks for them and let’s try to evolve this technology