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You would have listened to ten, twenty or thirty things you didn’t know about a person but then what, what’s the next step? We want our bulls to be able to live and breathe their mentors and readily absorb their qualities and be on their path to be a Bull.


Here are some of the core qualities that makes a Bull and How can you be one!

When you talk about sports, you talk about determination, stamina and spirit. All these 3 blend up to inspire a person to prepare himself to fulfil his dreams. When you talk about CRICKET you cannot neglect India, a place where Cricket is far ahead than just a game.  The story of one such Indian cricketer who with great passion has rose from ranks and facing both Victory and defeat has now placed himself among the popular cricketers of team. He is Virat Kohli. In this segment, we let you know ‘How to become Virat Kohli’.

1.Be a multi- tasking epitome

He is a run-collector on field. He is an entertainer. He is an entrepreneur. He is the youth icon. Virat is surely a multi-tasking epitome, a hero with distinct qualities. He is surely to leave his opposition in dismay once he is at the crease. He is tender at heart but surely not when he has the bat in his hand. And if the opposition gets brazen- faced, he can even be very arrogant.

 2.Show an ever-changing progression in your work

Virat is always ‘work in progress ‘. He plans for multiple short- term goals that can be achieved without fail. And if somehow, he fails to achieve his goal, he sets up a punishment plan for himself so as to restore his game.


  • 5.3.Be transparent

To be Virat, you need be transparent ever. He is always believed to strongly protest against injustice. One such instance could be seen during the 2014 England tour. The media swept off an uproar on the issue of Virat Kohli’s girlfriend Anushka Sharma staying in the team hotel. Virat is said to have stricken out upon the journalist for this not so required attention. He even took to social networking, to point out people for their disorderly conduct.

 4.Be obsessed with victory

For all those who have seen Virat scrupulously, know how obsessed he is with winning.  He hates to loose and has an irresistible desire to win at any cost. This has essentially helped him in becoming pre- eminent in the new-generation T20 format.

 5.Be socially responsible

Virat, when not in the player avatar is a highly responsible social entity. He has been seen concerning about the growing cases of rape, molestation and eve-teasing. He even raised his voice for safety of senior citizens and gender equality During an interview with The Hindu.

6.If you want to be a successful sports personality, most importantly, have a strict diet plan and fitness goals.

This fearless player is a rigorous diet sleuth. He even stopped eating wheat and rice and has made his physical and mental health his prime attention. Fitness was a resolute part of his training schedule since ever from his early days.

7.Be as edgy for playing as Virat

Virat was always aggressive but he knows his precinct and discipline when playing the game. He rarely gets satisfied with his game and wants to dominate in every sphere on the field. This might land up in adding pressure on him but he is surely to groom more in his game this way.

 8.Starve your distraction, feed your focus

One instance from Virat’s life can relate to this when he was playing under-19 world cup finals in Colombo in 2006. Agents blockaded around the team hotel dallying to sign up new players with potential commercial value. Since Virat was too young, and distractions were credible, his coach Raj Kumar was very concerned about him. But he was left captivating, when Virat assured him that they didn’t exist in his dictionary and he will not get any such damaging report about him.

 9.It’s always possible to do a thing better a second time.

During his under-14 selections, Virat was not short-listed by the selectors not on merit- basis but due to some other non-cricket reasons. This incident made him more anxious rather than disheartening him and forced Virat to pave his way the following season in the under-15 team. And to your surprise, Virat was the only one from that under-15 team who could make to first-class cricket.

 10.Learn to be positive even in the negative situation

On a wintery night of 19 December 2006, when Virat was on the edge of his career during the on-going Ranjhi trophy matches, he lost his friend, mentor and guide, his FATHER. He was left inconsolable and could not realize how to overcome from this grief. But everyone was left flabbergasted, when Virat went to bat for his team the very next morning. He played the match and left directly for the crematorium after leaving the stadium. 

11.Be committed to what you want to conquer

Virat always brought great competitive ardour to his cricket at the domestic level. He was always seen committed to his game and even after a victory, he always tried to persuade his faults through intense net sessions. He even brooded his game at the end of every series analysing his plus and minus points.

12.Give your teachers the respect they earn

India is known for always keeping its guru-shishya tradition and celebrates Sept 5 as the Teacher’s day. Virat who has always treated his coach Raj Kumar as his Father and true mentor, showed his respect towards him in a different way in 2014. Though Virat was away for a photo shoot in US that day, he surprised Raj Kumar by sending his brother with a brand-new Skoda Rapid as a gift to his mentor that left him stunned. Virat has many times seen truly caring and tender towards his coach.

12.Don’t limit your queries

According to Virat’s coaches, he was an extremely shy player but what made him different from other fellow trainees was his keen interest on the lessons. He was always an agog, full of questions and queries in his mind. His grasping power was far ahead of his age and for his coaches, it was extremely difficult to satisfy him.

 13.Learn self-pride, self-esteem and self-love

 It was 2003-04 season’s much-awaited state Punjab against Delhi match. Even at the level of under-15, Delhi losing from Punjab was unforgivable. For Virat it was a test to prove himself but he got out for only 5 and truly failed at the opportunity. Tears flowed down his cheeks refusing to believe that he had failed when it mattered most to succeed. This showed that how much self- pride drove him to be the scapegoat. This activated the process of evolving him into a prudent competitor.

 14.Be the leader who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way

As a captain, Virat is always seen giving his best and urging his teammates to give their best. He is never seen shouting at the bowlers but always gets involved in every activity on the field whether it be shining the ball or rushing to hand over the bowlers cap to the umpire. Most importantly,  as a captain, he is ever learning through practical process. Even in the toughest situations, he doesn’t fear experimenting for a way forward.

      At present, he is a big hit on social media, promotes other games as well, be it kabaddi, football, hockey, endorses number of food products and cars. He is one of the richest sportspersons in the world and has a long way to go.  Hail King VIRAT!!