In conversation with remarkable Said business school, Queen Mary University  & LSE Educated, Co Founder Crowdpondent & Ambassador of Latoken VLAD TREGUBOV.


Welcome to BULL.iO, tell us about yourself and your project Crowdpondent

My name is Vlad, I come from Russia. In 2016 I co-founded a company called crowdpondent which as firstly a media platform for publishing articles which was published by journalists and run by the crowd unfortunately due to very low cost per clicks the business models failed and it was impossible to monetize the content so we took a key decision to turn it into a video platform because by 2021 video traffic will account for almost 80 percent of the global IP networks so people will essentially read less and less and less and will sit and watch videos. So at the moment crowdpondent was reborn and it’s a social platform for video journalists that provides the guidance from how to report how to edit and you can learn from other reporters be mentors from other reporters and professionals and just have fun and be inspired.

How did you first got interested in technology? When you were a child or later?

I’ll tell you how the idea was born the cofounders so as I said earlier I come from Russia and he comes from Iran when a crisis broke out in Eastern Ukraine was for the first time when I actually really really faced double standards in the news coverage and that was quite shocking for me on one side I was hearing one story on the other I was hearing something completely different I mean everybody knows double standard and news coverage has always been in place but until it actually touches you, you don’t really think about it so the problem we face nowadays that news isn’t spoken by the people who live you know in this localized territories, they just covered by big entities who just protect their interest so that’s how the idea was born and since I was a child I always liked technology, computers, radio-controlled models, planes this kind of stuff and right now I’m in a Blockchain industry because I invested in blockchain in 2014 and I just been there since then.


How did you first got involved in Blockchain?

Friend of mine came and said look there’s a new currency that can be exchanged between the parties and you don’t need a bank and you can mine it and I went what is this, I don’t understand it. I took some time you know, read it through the white papers one two three four times you know and then it started all unfolding from there.


One thing you could change about the Blockchain Industry, what would you change?

Change, at the moment there is nothing to change to be honest because it’s a very new thing, (acceptance of it). Technology actually it’s not new, it consists of pre-existing technologies that were developed by computer scientists and mathematicians over the past you know 2,000 years so just one clever guy put it all together and now we have it so there’s nothing to change we can only improve it further and utilize it and make it happen see the real value, may be one thing I will change for sure is let other people understand more but it will come with time because essentially the tokens were in use since again old times, three thousand years ago people were using tokens to do trade because if today I tell you I’m gonna grow some crop next year and I needs money for that, you will say  okay look I’ll give you money but next year please give me ten bushes right, next year comes I would only give you eight bushes and you would be angry at me and I would say we didn’t have any agreement so they went back then that’s how the first tokens were born it was pieces of stones where people would actually make sort of a contract on the stone and say okay you owe me ten bushes next year and this is a verification of it, this is how tokens are utilized nowadays in the crypto space.


If Crytocurrency & Blockchain didn’t exist, what do you think you would you be doing with your life?

Looking for opportunities and executing them. There are always opportunities you know people who say I should have bought Bitcoin in 2010 it’s just a lame excuse you know, same applies to people who went through the dot-com bubble there wasn’t exactly same opportunity but a lot of people who invested in Apple Amazon they became millionaires some of them billionaires so there are always opportunities you just need to know be patient look out and be persistent and the most important is look for gratification in the long term, people nowadays used to shorten gratification that’s what stops the progress and that’s why only few people actually succeed.

How do you beat that short term gratification?

Discipline, through strict discipline that’s why people who come from army they’re very disciplined, one thing they learn how to be disciplined for instance you can start from sleep like you need

to decide what time you go to bed what time you wake up every day the same time no matter what that’s a discipline and that comes to your eating habits whatever you can now imagine in your head is about discipline the more discipline you are the more energy you have to do any tasks.

How did you learn to effectively use discipline?

Through self-esteem because there is no other way. I was just annoyed that I couldn’t, pick up a book and study it for nine hours straight it was not possible like a year ago. You get always different thoughts coming into your head all the time, I want to do this or this, notifications (phone), well first thing I would advise to switch off all the notifications on your phone I have them you know just switch them off completely and start meditating, for instance these two things helped me a lot to progress and be much more productive.

How do you think the future of cryptocurrency / blockchain will progress over next few years?

well I think quite exponentially to be honest. There are so many projects obviously even now 90% of them are scams so out of those of who are successful it will be again the survival of the fittest, a lot of would be eliminated same as a dot-com bubble you know not many companies a lot of people saw started investing in different companies only a few survive but look at them Amazon Facebook they are the biggest tech companies in the world. They actually have the power it’s not the politicians who have the power the tech companies because who have the network and these companies have the networks they actually control the world and now Facebook is gonna invest into blockchain and actually they already have so many blockchain developers it’s very soon Facebook will have their own point so instead of you know it’s a number one platform right now you’re like more than 1 billion active users and everybody is using it for marketing instead of paying in pounds USD or whatever currency it is you’re gonna pay in coin right it’s a token economy we’ve had tokens from the day one now it’s just digitalized and with digitalizing you can transfer a value yeah actually this pillow can be digitalized in on the future, air can be digitalized and sold so it’s inevitable part of our evolution that will be in everybody’s life and everybody’s phone will have tokens so i believe in it, I believe it will be part of every business transaction and if you hear a lot of you know people from the past ten years they’re saying oh by 2040 ninety percent of the white man job would be done, right because AI and robot will replace. AI  and robot will not be able to do this without blockchain because you have so many different technologies and the only way they can communicate and understanding between each other is to via a new protocols and essentially it is that new protocols used in developing block chains so it’s a very essential part for the whole integrity in the system

Just to finish off few fun questions, when you were a kid, what did you wanted to be when you grow up?

Pilot, I still want to be a pilot, you know this is my dream like having a  plane and just fly

Q What’s your favourite movie?

American Gangster and the inception

Q Satoshi Nakamoto, who you think, he/ she / they look like?

Was definitely not one person maybe it’s one person I don’t know I can’t say definitely but I know for in fact it’s a very clever person and they know financial system from A to Z and they know gold standard they could be a person who has a Nobel Prize. Whoever it is they hold 5% of the Bitcoin and USA has 5% of the gold reserves in the world so that should be enough to understand more or less where the people are you know with what sort of concept they picked when they launched the current stream.

Q: If you could drive any car which one would it be?

A car BMW or Aston Martin

Q Do you drive at the moment?

Yes, I have a car but I don’t drive it I’m trying to sell it, there is no need I’m cycling, much healthier

Q What would you miss the most, if you were told you could no longer have it?

I would miss the most, maybe an ability to love


“Completed Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford to hone my knowledge about blockchain technology. My aim is to integrate blockchain into my start up in order to help citizen journalists monetise their content. Along the way I am keen to explore other areas/ use cases where early adoption would be beneficial for the whole ecosystem.

While completing Masters degree at University of London, I have further developed my understanding of investment markets and trading by managing a virtual portfolio of European stocks and bonds as well as completing a financial trading programme that exposed me to a range of products and trade strategies. Currently I manage my own portfolio of crypto assets.
  My fluency in English and Russian and my ability to establish rapport with people from a variety of backgrounds has underpinned my success in a range of professional experiences.

Areas of expertise include: Team Building, Leadership, Blockchain, Web Development, Financial Analysis, Company Valuation, Financial Modelling, Investment Management, Cost of Capital, Budgets & Forecasts, Alternative Investments, Cryptocurrency Investments, Property Development, Russia & CIS, Excel, Bloomberg”.