BLOCKCHAIN NEWS – 26/11 /2018:

1. Price: In last 24 hours Bitcoin surged 8% to $4032, XRP up 9%, Ethereum up 8%, Stellar up 9%. This rebound is to be because of massive buyout action, which could have been based on the news that the hash rate for bitcoin has stayed the same (equipment mining) in last few months regardless of recent downward slump.

2. Tax by Bitcoin: In USA, state of Ohio has allowed businesses to pay their taxes using bitcoins. Ohio who wants to be recognised as a tech friendly state has widened the overall   acceptability of cryto in the wider world.

3. Two Giants Meetup: MALTA, blockchain island, which has become a hub for the blockchain community, the friendliest of friends of cryptocurrency, where PM Jospeh Muscat believed cryto to be the “inevitable future of money” will be hosting Sigma igaming. Gaming Industry which is supposedly worth around $49 billion dollar a year, the blockchain has been at the core front of revolutionising the industry, as it provides a stable and a secure ecosystem for the games to be built upon.

4. South Korea: As blockchain has revolutionised the way in which information is stored, tracked and utilised, it has been of special interest to supply chain sectors and retail. Govt of South Korea today has announced a program today that will test on this digital ledger technology to “track beef through the supply chain to provide consumers with information about the source of their food”. Recently South Korea also allowed $4.4bn in their budget specifically towards research and development in blockchain, data and AI.

5. Overstock: Overstock is a US online retailer with 1800 employees, and was the first major retailer in the world to accept bitcoin as payment in 2014. Its founder Patrick Byrne announced today that he is selling the overstock business so he can fully concentrate on blockchain venture – tzero project. Tzero project is an alternative trading system, alternative to NASDAQ, which is regulated by the US securities and exchange commission (SEC), which intends to cut the middle man, and match buyers with the sellers directly. 

6. Ernst & Young: One of the “Big four” auditors, has confirmed that over next three years it will hire 2000 employees to work exclusively on its digital technologies. These teams will work on developing  AI, automation and blockchain solutions. EY has previously confirmed a global investment of $1BN toward its blockchain, AI and digital advancements.