BLOCKCHAIN NEWS – 25/11 /2018:

1. Price: In past 24 hours Bitcoin Down Bitcoin down by 11%, XRP down by 12%, Eth down by 10%, Stellar by 18%, the downward wave continues, the reason being told is because of continuing trend caused by bitcoin cash fork and Thanksgiving Weekend.

2. Recent video posted on reddit about the ASIC mining equipment been sold at scrap value has been identified as fake. The video deepened the panic in people minds that ASIC mining is finished and non – profitable, this resulted in selling frenzy on ebay, where miners started to sell off their equipment.  But this was from a company located in china where the equipment was damaged by flood more than a year ago.

3.      University of Tokyo has started to offer a blockhain course at graduate level after receiving a $800,000 funding from the Ethereum foundation and Japanese Bank Sumitomo Mitsui. Interest of “outstanding talent in information mathematics” is believed to be triggered by Rockerfeller family investing in blockchain start-ups in Japan. Previously ripple had pledged $50 million in educational courses over 17 universities the world.

4. Singapore govt has given a go ahead with funding to investment Giant Temasek who will work along with London-based Eigen Technologies, and US-based distributed ledger research and development consortium which is made up of 200 global banks and finance firm, to study AI and Blockchain, with experimental Pods  technology.

5.      After recent banking frauds in India, India has launched a supply-chain fraud-prevention blockchain-based pilot. The project is a partnership between Swift India and New York’s MonetaGo which sits on a Hyperledger blockchain network.

6. IOTA, after successfully working with the Taiwanese and German govt, IOTA has signed a deal with the UK govt to advise them about matters related to blockchain technology.