1) Price: Bitcoin has mainained a price of around $4200 in the last 24 hours. Coinbene exchange doing the most volume of the day at over $327 million of BTC/USDT. Bitcoin SV up 10% at $100.

2) Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in conjunction with tech giant IBM has launched a blockchain payment netting service based on the distributed ledger technology called the CLSNET. They are offering this bilateral payment netting service to over 120 currencies. It is expected to optimise intraday liquidity, improve operational efficiency, and reduce risk. Bank of China is the first bank to participate in using CLSNET.

3) Bobby Lee: Commenting about the G20 Summit in Argentina, Bobby Lee, founder of Hong Kong based cryto exchange BTCC tweeted saying “the world leaders are slowly and surely are losing their monopoly and ability to issue money” & that the current revolution is irreversible and unstoppable.

4) Over the Counter: From OTC medicines the new world is moving over to OTC cryto trading setups. Binance Labs (parent co of Binance exchange), has reportedly invested in Koi Trading. Koi Trading which has headquarters in San Francisco and desks in Hong Kong and Europe is designed to bridge fiat and cryto by proving a trusted pathway for companies and individuals to enter cryto landscape.

5) PlayStation: A new game called Plague Hunters, which uses Ethereum Blockchain has been approved by PlayStation. This is known to be the first one for the console. As the name suggest, in this game you build your army of hunters, train them and prepare them for battle. But because of added technology gamers will be able to make peer to peer transactions, trade hunters and other game assets on the blockchain based marketplace with other players.