1) Price: Today Bitcoin dropped 7% to $3800, which has created a discomfort in the cryto industry but the analysts are still optimistic and are blaming this “correction” on change of hashing  difficulty. Since day one high volatility has played a major role in attracting new investors and keeping the current investors entertained.

2) Cryto Valley Association: One of the world’s largest Blockchain and Crytographic Technology Ecosystems, based in Switzerland has announced that the majority of their board including their president Oliver Bussman will not stand for re-election next month. It has been speculated the reason for this being a dispute over governance and conflict of interest in the leadership.

3) Major League Baseball: Prominently played in USA which has 20 teams and average team being worth around $1.3bn, is to “go deep” onto Cryto Baseball. Based on the Ethereum Blockchain Cryto Baseball is a decentralized app, and will be using ERC20 tokens to buy digital avatars or trade them.

4) Bitstamp: The largest cryto exchange by volume in EU has been acquired by NXMH, a Belgium based investment company which is owned South Korean conglomerate Nexon. Nexon is video game publisher which specialise in games for PC and mobiles had operating income of over $2billion in 2017 and has over 5700 employees.

5) End of bootlegging in Japan: Japanese FSA (Financial Services Agency) is “set to launch regulations on initial coin offerings”. It will require “business operators that issue their own cryptocurrencies to be registered with the agency”. This is believed to be a positive step as this will curb the fraudulent ICOs and will assist in achieving a more transparent and a reliable ecosystem.