1) Price:Bitcoin had a 4% fall today and is priced at just below $3900. But it has been much worse day for other major currencies, EOS (Now ranked 6) is down 10%, Nexo (Now ranked 76) is down 25%. Pundi x, Aeternity Ethereum Classic & Tezos (all top 50 currencies) are down over 10%. BTC percentage of total market cap has increased to 54%.

2) Summer on the Way: Jim Breyer, Facebook billionaire, bitcoin investor and an enthusiast, remains bullish despite calling the recent price drops as the “Nuclear winter”. Rises and lows works in circle and they are inevitable but, “So many of the very best computer scientists and deep learning Ph.D. students and post-docs are working on blockchain because they have so much fundamental interest in what blockchain can mean. You don’t want to bet against the best and brightest in the world.”

3) Mining: Argo Blockchain which is listed at London Stock Exchange has said that despite the -downward price trend in recent months, demand for mining subscriptions has not at all been adversely affected, “Our mining packages are being snapped up as quickly as we make these available and demand continues to exceed supply,” said Argo co-founder and director Mike Edwards.

4) Tuna on Blockchain: Gustav Gerig, Swiss food company who has over 150 brands under his belt has partnered with Pacifical, to make their Rose Tuna to be traceable through Ethereum Blockchain. Pacifical is a global tuna marketing company located in Pacific Ocean, which was jointly set up in 2011 by the 8 PNA countries who together have 25% of the world tuna stocks in their waters.

5) Ohio: Non-profit organisation Jumpstart Inc, in partnership with six others companies has pledged “to invest $100 million in early-stage startups that focus on using blockchain technology for business or government.” Ohio is becoming blockchain concentrated as recently it was announced by the Ohio state that organisations could pay their taxes in cryptocurrency.