1) BTC Today $:

Open: 3,421.91
Close 3,476.11
High 3,506.04
Low: 3350.65
Volume 5,305,024,497
Marketcap: 60,531,278,392

(Days of Nuclear Winter)

2) Ether: US Derivatives regulator, Commodity Futures Trading Commission it is launching a consultation on ether. Even SEC previously ruled out that Bitcoin is a security, there are still discussions on whether cryptocurrencies fall into an asset type or not, and which relevant regulation they are subjected to.

3) Institutions: Institutional investors needs to enter the market for cryto to bounce back and provide a stability in the market.  But asset managers, pension funds and investment banks who controls trillions of dollars have so far has not entered because of high volatility, high risk factor, lack of clarity over regulation. Also, the lack of understanding about complexity of blockchain and bitcoin, has played its part. But this could soon be changing, as many govt over the world are taking steps for regulation and there has been lot of funding by major companies to understand the technology.

4) No to Blockchain: China’s “technology innovation board” unveiled by Chinese President Xi Jinping, which will be based on IPO system, will be open in 2019.  Only open for companies that are technology focused but at the moment unproven technologies including blockchain startups won’t be able to participate on the exchange until the technology has been cohesively proven.

5) Mining: Canaan Inc, world’s second biggest cryptocurrency mining equipment makers, has let the deadline of its IPO passed. They were initially expected to raise $2BN, other bitcoin equipment makers, Bitmain Technologies and Ebang have not yet launched a successful IPO, casting doubt on the future of mining industry.