1) BTC Today $:

Open: 3,473
Close: 3,614
High: 3,685
Low: 3,469
Volume 4,947,372,847
Marketcap: 62,942,160,928

(Days of Nuclear Winter Continues)

2) France on its way to regulate ICO: If you can’t beat them, join them. Now In France you are free to issue your own crytocurrency or an ICO as long as long one signs up for regulation. Companies will be required to pay tax on profits. Regulation has been advocated by many pioneers in the crytospace, as they find it much difficult to carry on as they font want to held liable for any wrongdoing in the gray area of the law. Also companies are now fed up of not getting required banking services and bank freezing accounts.

3) Two Sigma Ventures: The venture capital fund based in USA, Two Sigma has announced that “Two Sigma Ventures is leading an $8M seed investment in Trustology, a new platform for safeguarding digital assets. Their first product, TrustVault, strives to streamline this process and authenticate using biometrics, encrypt instructions using a user device’s secure enclave, sign transactions in an infrastructure where no human can access and no computer other than your device can message, and finally write transactions to the blockchain.” “TrustVault also hopes to have a strong and flexible authentication solution for institutions that require multiple sign-offs, supporting strong user authentication mechanisms for m-of-n transactions, customizable smart contract design, account transacting controls, just to name a few”.

4) Blockchain technology hits UK telephone numbers: Ofcom, Office of communication which is the UK’s communication regulator, has received £700k from the Department of Business, En-ergy and Industrial Strategy to explore how blockchain technology could improve how UK landline telephone numbers are managed. “Between now and April 2020, we’ll be inviting or-ganisations to trial the porting and management of millions of telephone numbers using block-chain and ledger technology. We’ll be co-ordinating this work across industry, universities and other parties”.

5) UK Govt Embracing Blockchain: Digital and creative industries are the two fastest-growing sectors of UK economy. In 2016, the digital sector contributed almost 120 billion pounds to the UK economy, and last year, it generated 1.5 million jobs. “We’re investing over £10 million pounds through Innovate UK and our research councils to support Blockchain projects in diverse areas like energy, voting systems and charitable giving.” & “The government established a crypto assets taskforce comprising the Treasury, the Bank of England and the FCA to explore the risks and potential benefits of crypto assets and other applications of distributed ledger technology in financial services to assess what if any regulation is required in response.”