1) BTC Today $:

Open: 3,497
Close: 3,424
High: 3,513
Low: 3,392
Volume 4,696,765,188
Marketcap: 59,650,201,102

(Days of Nuclear Winter Continues)

2) Upcoming Blockchain Conferences:

12 Dec 2018 – International Conference on Blockchain Technology and Applications (ICBTA), Xian China.

12 Dec 2018 – CryptoBlockCon – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Conference – Las Vegas

13-14 Dec 2018 – CEOKLUB Investment Forum Singapore (CKIF Singapore)

14-15 Dec 2018 – USA Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference, Phoenix USA

15-18 Dec 2018 – Global Blockchain Developer Conference (GBDC), Hong Kong

22 Dec 2018 – Maha Blockchain Fintech Parliament, Pune, India

3) Republic of Congo: Singapore-headquartered Locus Chain Foundation (Locus Chain) signed a partnership agreement with the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to establish and operate a task force organization, for building e-government systems based on Locus Chain’s blockchain technology platform. The project begins with the complete block chaining of four government systems’ databases. The Locus Chain blockchain platform will be applied to the national resource development, production and distribution process systems — which are the main industries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo — as well as the central bank management system.

4) Royal Mint (UK) – Royal Mint has embraced Blockchain technology for its digital gold. “Blockchain is at the heart of RMG, after all, it’s gold on blockchain and that’s what makes RMG so unique. It enables the transformation of physical gold into a modern digital asset, making it the perfect medium to record and transfer ownership. Every RMG transaction made on the ledger is completely visible to everyone on the network, making it safe from accidental or deliberate destruction, ensuring that your investment is safe guarded. Investors will be able to trade RMG with real-time pricing 24/7, 365 days a year, in the secondary market. With simple exchange fee structures and public order book trading, investors have access to the full depth of liquidity and price information. Peer to peer trading: You can easily send and receive RMG to anyone with a BitGo RMG Wallet, wherever and whenever you choose, allowing for cost effective and near instantaneous transactions that can be made 24/7, 365”.

5) Australia: A publication by Australian Senator Jane Hume, confirms that Australia Govt is eyeing up to the technology and has come up many use case forms. “Blockchain technology to be used by the Australian Stock Exchange to replace the CHESS system. This upgrade by the ASX will significantly reduce the $100 million spent each year on clearing and settlement fees. The common theme of all civic use cases of blockchain technology around the world is that they enable streamlining of government and the removal of red tape. Blockchain’s inherent trustworthiness and immutability eliminates the need for endless numbers of bureaucratic middlemen managing endless numbers of incomplete databases. The potential savings in public expenditure are enormous. All across government, from Births, Deaths and Marriages to Vicroads, from the Department of Immigration to the Australian Tax Office, time is wasted trying to find information and reconcile incomplete data sets. In addition to investing in Govpass, the 2018-19 Budget included $700,000 for investigation into blockchain for government services.