In Conversation with William J D West, Founder of Invacio Analytica


Q1: Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Hi, my name is William J D West, I am the founder of Invacio, there is little that I don’t do, i am involved in the concept to development of our many products or solutions, I coordinate my team of roughly 30 individuals internationally, I reluctantly have to attend events such as at the United Nations (Geneva) or Blockchain events (HK, Dubai etc), to network for the enterprise, and bring Invacio to mind for the entities, I stated relucantly for I am happiest knees deep in hardware, or problem-solving our multi-agent algo’s.

Q2: When did you first develop your love of technology?

I’ve been involved in the tech space since I destroyed my families first computer as a child, by taking it apart and rebuilding 😉 in regards to AI (which is the sector I am involved in), I’d hazard my first entry was around 2001 building a city grid AI traffic management system as part of a derivative of CS, for Blockchain, it would have to be 09/10 when Bitcoin was quite actively used on the darknet where I’d hang out as a hacker and as such buy elements with BTC. However from a productivity concept point of view it would be 2016 when we were experimenting with our own mesh network communications technology with the idea of block-chaining it to provide a payable coms framework in SE Asia, however that was shelved and has since resurfaced but to be replaced by the idea of multi-chain-subchain processing of transactions via Reaper (learn more at our website :

Q3: When did you first realise the potential of Blockchain?

The potential of Blockchain is encompassing old whilst creating new opportunities, this was as clear as day to realize, the problem is adoption, whether it would be accepted, I reside in a country that is known for its black deals, and its part of culture, blockchain could resolve this very quickly, to which I am pleased the Government are beginning to adopt the technology, but even Western states are a bit apprehensive in the adoption at the same sort of pace.

Q4: How and why did you first get involved in Blockchain?

Simple really, it resolved an issue, we have the mesh framework mentioned above, but we’re also a big data collector or deriver as such we have multiple databases (some 2 billion), of which some are available on, the concurrent connections is a killer for our enterprise, alongside the data storage, in time we plan to push this on to a sub chain of reaper as its read-only data required apposed to updatable databases as such ideal for blockchain.

Q5: How do you see the future of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies over the next few years?

Blockchain will be adopted and continous innovation will drive new grounds, for cryptocurrencies I see a mass natural die off, with roughly 98% considered dead projects, as such 30-50 surviving projects, I intend for Invacio to remain active with our array of existing products/solutions whilst committing all funds to the development of new opportunities, to allow our faithful token-holders to survive this natural selection event.

 STO is likely to change the market for good, which also causes some problems for utility token’s as I see there will be people that consider Utility Tokens as less attractive.

Q6: Who do you think Satoshi Nakomoto is? What do you imagining him looking like?

Firmly believe Hal is based on linguistic analysis of the available content.

Q7: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the industry?

Look at organizations that have underlying technology scope that is pivotable.

Q8: If you had the power, what’s the one rule you’d change in the industry?

That as a community of organizations we would come together and set up a committee which is funded in part as part of the process to new applicants to authorize ICO’s or the like, as well as post-ICO self-regulation from a committee perspective, further a escrow service with releases based on milestones being hit.

Q9: What’s the most challenging thing about your job?

Not the tech, not the team, but keeping our token-holders abrest and digitally holding their hands through these troubled times, standing with them.

Q10: If there was no such thing as Blockchain or cryptocurrency, what do you think you’d be doing instead?

We’re AI based we’d have to invent something similar for the scalability constraints anyway.

Q11:  What’s your favourite movie?

 Persons of Interest, Stargate, Star Wars, The Expanse.

Q12: Which is your favourite place in the world?


Q13: Which car you drive if you drive and which car would you like to own?

 We have a few vehicles, I don’t really have any sentiment to them, well apart from my tractor 😉