In Conversation with Michael Cordner / @yeastplume

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If you could firstly just introduce yourself & your company?

Okay I don’t have a company, My name is Michael Cordner, I go by the name @yastplume in Grin circles that’s my handle and I’m a developer on the Grin project.

If you could summarize the Grin project briefly?

So the Grin project is an implementation of a new type of cryptocurrency a new type of blockchain which was just called Mimble Wimble. Which has a silly name but it’s actuallya big advancement towards enabling privacy in blockchain.

Where did the name Mimble Wimble comes from?

Well that would come from, it’s from Harry Potter Lord Voldemort  so the way this actually happened is someone calling himself Tom Elvis Jedusor or which is the French version of the Harry Potter anagram um dropped a paper on to Bitcoin Wizards and that had kind of a mathematical insight based on some previous insights that the previous insights for some confidential transactions and it added another insight into the into that that kind of enables enable you to structure a whole blockchain and a very kind of in a privacy enhancing but in a very compact way.

How did you first get involved in blockchain technology what drew you to it?

I’ve been following it for four years I mean since the dawn of Bitcoin, I wish I’d invested earlier obviously but my interest is purely technical and you know a couple years ago I was looking around different projects out there thinking about getting involved because there is a lot of interesting technology going there kind of pushes all of my buttons professionally and then I kind of came across the grin project, read a bit about it and I looked at some other change before and decided okay this is great it’s the clone of Bitcoin you have added this, you’ve changed this around but this I thought was something that was really adding something new to the field and something worth getting involved with.

What first sparked your interest in technology, in general when you were younger?

I mean I had my first Commodore 64 when I was 8 and basically went from there I spent most of my childhood in front of it, that’s actually my the icon I use for my Avatar I use in grin circles as well, so yeah I have been a lifelong a tech geek in some way or another.

What did you wanted to do when you were a kid?

I wasn’t quite sure but I think it became fairly obvious after a point that I actually didn’t learn to code properly until I was you know 16 or 17 but once I started I just became addicted to it and I knew that was a career at that point, I actually stopped a liberal arts degree I was doing to switch over to computer science and mathematics.

Hypothetically who you really think Satoshi Nakamoto is and what does he look like?

I haven’t got a clue, I can’t speculate on that, the only familiar thing reading through

his post there is an English British, English spin to it other than that I have no idea. Well one thing I can say about Satoshi is that he was just a normal person or a normal engineer who

put together a few technologies in a new and interesting way and also got a lot of things wrong just from not having done them before, so we owe a lot to him, we can see a lot more now thanks to him, he was just some guy some engineer just like the rest of us.

How do you see the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency?

It’s hard to say, bitcoin coin itself I mean it’s been around for 10 years now. It’s taught us a lot. The way it’s played out has really affected our own decisions and how we build future blockchains on top of that. The Grin chain itself I think is just you know somebody is going to come along and provide more insights on top of that as well afterwards, so it’ll get to a point I think where there’ll be some iteration of a blockchain that will become you know hit all of the buttons like it is completely usable it provides privacy if you want it or not if you don’t and you know it will handle whatever number of transactions per second you need to have, so again like I don’t have a crystal ball but you know with this I’m very much work I’m doing is part of an evolution.

What advice would you give to somebody just starting out in the industry?

To get involved in an open-source project such as Grin. I could say like to people who do want to get involved in the Grin the best thing to do is you just pick something, don’t talk about it just start doing it, ask appropriate questions you know and that that’s that’s really the best way to start getting involved or kind of ingratiate yourself into a new project.

If there is no such thing as blockchain, if it never been developed what do you think you would be doing with your life?

Oh it’s hard to say I probably be working on some shapeless lump of java somewhere, for a financial company, which I’ve done plenty of. I’ve run my own company doing educational software before so hopefully something similar and something as interesting.

If you had the power what one thing would you change about the industry?

I would reduce the number of miners out there down two to a minimum back to Bitcoin days. You spend all of this time kind of putting this technology together and having a group of really smart people thinking about the ways worth the change then when you come to launch it it’s just about mining and mining, how do we deal with all this mining & how do we make it fair so that’s probably something that definitely work on, if there was some magic way of giving a fair distribution of coins I’d be quite happy with that.

Just to finish off a few fun questions, what’s your favourite movie?

Amadeus yeah my favorite really, well put-together movie and I quite like classical music as well.

Do you drive at the moment or what would be your ideal car if you could have any car?

I’m not a big car person, right now my car is a is an X that can handle all of the kids at once basically, so on a newer version that I did I had a rental car in Germany a 2018 model will be quite happy with that.

What’s your main passion outside of technology outside?

Well I have four kids so it is it’s difficult to have any passion outside of that at the moment.

What’s your favourite place in the world?

Right now the room in my house that serves as my office and living room and general headquarters basically.