East meets West as WXY Group brings successful event world tour ELEVEN to London

London, UK – January 25, 2019 – In partnership with leading blockchain investment and advisory group NKB, WXY Group, as the turn-key global marketing and consulting firm service for blockchain and crypto projects, is bringing its highly successful ELEVEN Global Meet Up Series world tour to London on 25 January, delivering key insight and debate on the rise and impact of security token offerings (STOs),bringing together and providing a communication platform for industry thought leaders with focus on business connections and investment opportunities, bridge to investor networks from Europe & Asia.

In a year where STOs, widely viewed as the stable alternative to ICOs, are set to grow through regulation, adoption and commercialization, the crypto investor start-up event brings together experts from Asia and Europe for the first time to discuss what this means for crypto currency and blockchain.


The intimate gathering, held at the iconic venue The Law Society, provides an ideal platform for delegates to gain key STO knowledge, as well as share insight and network with leading players in the sector from Asia and Europe. The agenda was led by presentations from top industry influencers, including Marina Titova, head of Advisory of NKB Group, Lawrence Tan, Business Development of Huobi UK, Alpesh Doshi from Redcliffe Capital, Josef Hazi, founder of Zeroline Capital and Sebastian Isaacs, cofounder and head of innovation from London Blockchain Labs, etc.

Marina Titova, Head of Advisory From NKB Group

Conceived to promote real connection and valuable interaction, ELEVEN Global Meetup in London will see a variety of top blockchain projects like Polkadot, EquityChain, DRH, Air Rewards, House Token, Hedera Hashgraph, NEXXO, Beenest who did a sharing or pitching.

Andrew Jones,  Senior Core Develops from Polkadot

Joseph Zeng, Cofounder of Equity Chain

Equity Chain is the first equity public chain in the world. The vision of Equity Chain is to solve the financing difficulties of minor enterprises as well as the jam of circulation of traditional equity.With the application of real equity transfer scenario, the enterprise assets information (B-end) is linked up to the Chain. It targets real enterprise assets. The information is strictly regulated by traditional fund/venture Capital Company to ensure high authenticity of information. The institutional investors and retail investors (C-end) can participate in the transfer of equity. It will really solve their bottlenecks of both B&C-ends.

Jack Jiao, Product manager of HouseToken

Real estate investments have become a safe haven for investors seeking to mitigate the effects of inflation, while not all real estate investments can effectively counter inflation. To solve the problem, HouseToken uses blockchain technology to digitalize traditional, liquid prime real estate assets. This makes the assets liquid, and means that anyone can freely, safely and transparently invest in high quality commercial real estate. HouseToken has created the first ever link between prime assets and crypto currency. Everyone can now access global prime commercial real estate – an asset that was only available to a select few.

Alex Godwin, Director of Business Development, Hedera Hashgraph

Jonathan Chou Cofounder & CEO of Beenest

Also to solve the problem of liquidity, Beenest, develops a rentals and home-sharing platform for business travelers. Business travelers need their own custom experience and a focus on conferences, events, and networking. For hosts – business travelers are easier to deal with. Beenest creates and preserves value for hosts, guests, arbiters, and developers within a decentralized autonomous organization and our decentralized model offers distinct advantages over the predominant, centralized home sharing model. Currently, Beenest is targeting about 100 enterprise customers and quickly expanding.

Nebil Ben Aissa, Founding Partner of NEXXO

The application of blockchain in the financial industry goes far beyond this. NEXXO is building a blockchain-powered banking platform for under-banked micro and small businesses. NEXXO partners with local banks and with local central bank regulators to build a global banking platform that betters the lives of micro & small businesses.

Rory Codrington, Analyst of DRH

Air Rewards

“On the back of recent highly successful events in Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong , we’re delighted to bring our Eleven Global Meet Up Series to London,” said WXY Group Founder Peter Yu. “We’ll be featuring key influencers and uniquely fusing Asian and European perspectives on the currently trending crypto topic, which looks set to have a huge influence on investment and start-ups in the sector this year.”

Peter Yu, Founder of WXY Group

About WXY Group

WXY Group is a Singapore-based turn-key global marketing and consulting service for crypto projects. Founded by Peter Yu, its business includes brand consulting, global media promotion and FA. WXY is composed of marketing and professional teams including former Ogilvy and Mather, 36kr, Citibank and JP Morgan personnel. WXY’s largest investor is Huobi, the most secure digital currency trading marketplace. Since its establishment, WXY has served more than 40 blockchain projects such as DCC, Taxa, GSE, PCHAIN, Huobi, APEX, Coinsuper, HMS, Cobo, Lucidity, Hub, Abelian Coin, Cardstack, FanX, Nebula Genomics, GGC, Alphaslot, Hedera Hashgraph etc.

About ELEVEN Global Meetup

ELEVEN GLOBAL MEETUP is an event series initiated by WXY Group, the world’s top blockchain consulting firm. Building up the leading brand image of “Global Conversion in Blockchain Industry”, WXY group have successfully held meet-up events in Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong.